What is BPS-5?

Since its release BPS-5 has garnered a lot of attention and for good reason because it was formulated to help support already healthy blood pressure levels within the normal range.*


Using a combination of 5 ingredients like Hawthorn Berry, Magnesium Oxide, Nattokinase, GABA and Grape Seed Extract, each ingredient was hand-picked for its ability to support normal cardiovascular function in the body.* Providing a helpful way along with a proper diet, exercise routine while also managing sodium levels to help further support an already healthy blood pressure number within normal range.*


You see, an already healthy blood pressure number is important for a healthy life filled with energy and amazing vitality and now with BPS-5, many could enjoy this type of peace of mind.*


In today’s day and age with all of the latest advancements, there’s so much someone can do for their health to enjoy their days feeling their ultimate best.


At Golden After 50, we strive to provide this helpful support in a clear and comprehensive manner with globally sourced ingredients that are formulated in a FDA cGMP organic-certified registered facility here in the USA. That’s why you can be rest assured that with BPS-5, you’ll enjoy the proper support that you’re after.


And if you’re someone who likes to be prepared, we offer BPS-5 in multiple bottle packages. So whether you’d like to purchase 1 bottle, 3 bottles or the 6-bottle package for ultimate savings, you have that choice at your fingertips.


For more information, please visit our store at Golden After 50 to make your purchase today.




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